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Ramakrishnananda's Gifts

Ramakrishnananda's Gifts Exotic Oils and Resins
Ramakrishnananda's Gifts is privately owned and operated, by a not for profit organization and was founded by His Divine Grace Sat Guru Yogacharya Bhaktivedanta Ramakrishnananda Swami Maharaja who is a yogi, a monk and a mystic who's life mission is dedicated to spreading the message of Yoga and the Vedic culture. The institution has the respect, affection, recognition and broad support from the Hindu community in the United States and its members are dedicated to establishing centers, temples, monasteries and asrams around the world. These products represent some of the finest oils and resins that we have enjoyed. Very fragrance: The OILS are made from Attar Perfume Oils and are all alcohol free. Attars are not essential oils in the sense that they can be comprised of several to sometimes 20-30 different raw materials, flowers, essentials oils and perfumes. Attars are usually blended with carrier oils such a Jojoba. These oils can be used in very small quantities, such a a drop or two will last many hours. The RESINS are exotic blends of frankincense, myrrh, copal, amber, pine, lavender,rosemary, orange peel, cinnamon, love, sandalwood, honey and brown sugar mixed together with a variety of oils and secret mantras creating the pure herbal resin incense blends with a designated intention. Powerful in that only a half a teaspoon on a small charcoal with fill up your entire home or business with a mood transforming scent.
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Ramakrishnananda - Atma Attar Oil .5oz
Frankincense, Lemongrass & Mint Oil SALE $8.99
$ 18.99
Ramakrishnananda - Tilak Attar Oil .5oz
Orange Blossom, Vanilla & Honey
$ 18.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Black Sq
Soapstone Oil Lamp Black/Dark Grey
$ 7.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Grey
Soapstone Oil Lamp Single
$ 14.99
Soapstone - Om Round Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Round Om
$ 10.99
Soapstone - Square Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Square Om
$ 18.99
Tea Candles - 12 Pack
12 Pack Tea Candles
$ 2.49
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