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Chinese and Korean

Chinese and Koren Incense Sticks Chinese and Korean Incense
Incense has had, and still has, a great significance in China. In fact, the origin of the name Hong Kong comes from the significant production of incense from China. ' Hong' means 'fragrant' or 'incense' and 'Kong' means 'harbor'. Korean incense is closer in essence to Japanese style incense. Very delicate, yet wonderfully fragrant. We have hand selected these for your enjoyment.
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IG Aloeswood - 10" Select Bamboo
Aloeswood Bamboo Sticks - 10" Select Quality - 50 Count
$ 9.99
IG Aloeswood - 16" Select Bamboo
Aloeswood Bamboo Sticks - 16" Select Quality - 50 Count
$ 19.99
IG Aloeswood - 18.5" Select Bamboo
Aloeswood Bamboo Sticks - 18.5" Select Quality - 50 Count
$ 21.99
Korean Chui Woon - Long
Emerald Cloud 10" 70 Sticks
$ 19.99
Korean Da Bo - Long
Many Treasures 10" 70 Sticks
$ 19.99
Korean Jing Kwan - 25 Stick
Clear Gaze 6" 25 Sticks
$ 6.99
Korean Jing Kwan - 120 Stick
Clear Gaze 6" 120 Sticks
$ 29.99
Korean Jing Kwan - Long
Clear Gaze 10" 70 Sticks
$ 29.99
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