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Japanese Incense

Japanese Incense Nippon Kodo, Shoyeido and other fine Japanese Incense
Nippon Kodo and Shoyeido are some of the most popular brands of high-quality Japanese incense. What the Japanese call Koh-Do, or incense appreciation, has long been the spiritual nourishment of Japanese culture. It is becoming a popular custom here in the U.S. and all over the world. Use Koh at home when you have company or family gatherings, or while you listen to music, read or wish to relax or meditate. Japanese incense is different in that it has a lighter fragrance then most Indian incense and does not use any bamboo stick. Nippon Kodo and Shoyeido are both exported from Japan for the U.S. Market. We now have exotic Japanese incense that is imported directly from Japan. This incense is different then the export in that it is excatly what is sold in Japanese stores. Most of these boxes contain "notes" and "information" about the incense but are all in Japanese. Most of these products are either Sandalwood or Aloeswood based.
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Morning Star - 50 Sticks
6 New Scents in the 50 Count Box - Fig, Gardenia, Iris, Lotus, Mimosa, Yuzu
$ 2.99
Morning Star - 200 Sticks
12 Scents in the 200 Count Large Box - Amber, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Patchouli, Pine, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla
$ 8.49
Morning Star - Gift Set #1
Sandalwood, Patchouli, Jasmine & Ceramic Burner
$ 17.99
Morning Star - Gift Set #2
Green Tea, Pine, Cedarwood & Ceramic Burner
$ 17.99
Morning Star - Gift Set #3
Amber, Lavender, Vanilla & Ceramic Burner
$ 17.99
NK Cho Cho San - 36 Cones
Nippon Kodo 36 Cone Assortment - Beautiful Package
$ 11.99
NK - Daigenkoh Rosewood
Nippon Kodo Daigenkoh Rosewood 30 Stick
$ 3.29
NK - Jinkoh Juzan
Nippon Kodo Jinkoh Juzan - 150 Sticks Aloeswood
$ 52.99
NK - Jinkoh Seiun
Nippon Kodo Jinkoh Seiun - 170 Stick Aloeswood
$ 32.99
NK Ka-fuh - Aqua
Nippon Kodo 120 Stick Aqua
$ 7.99
NK Ka-fuh - Hinoki
Nippon Kodo 120 Stick Hinoki (Cypress)
$ 7.99
NK Ka-fuh - Lavender
Nippon Kodo 120 Stick Lavender
$ 7.99
NK Ka-fuh - White Plum
Nippon Kodo 120 Stick White Plum
$ 7.99
NK - Ka-fuh Sampler
Nippon Kodo 5 Pack Sampler
$ 20.99
NK - Kyara Seiun
Nippon Kodo Kyara Seiun 5" Sticks
$ 2.99
NK - Kyara Taikan
Nippon Kodo Kyara Taikan - 150 Sticks Aloeswood
$ 89.99
NK - Mainichi Byakudankoh
Nippon Kodo Mainichi Byakudankoh - 100 Sticks White Sandalwood
$ 45.99
NK - Mainichikoh
Nippon Kodo - Viva Sandalwood
$ 2.99
NK - Shin Mainichikoh
Nippon Kodo Shin Mainichikoh 11" Sandalwood Box
$ 9.99
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